Тамила Сагаипова - Даймохк, хьан безамех 1ебар юй техьа со


Тамила Сагаипова - Даймохк, хьан безамех 1ебар юй техьа со - на церемонии открытия Грозный-Сити:


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  1. admin от 9 декабря 2012 11:58
    По просьбе посетителей сайта, выкладываем перевод песни на английском языке. Точность перевода не гарантируется.
    At the request of visitors to the site, spread the translation of the song in English. Translation accuracy is not guaranteed.

    Motherland - Father's House

    Mountains stretching into the sky
    The plains are covered with green grass
    Beautiful region will not see even in dreams
    If swear - this will be true

    Homeland, Homeland, Homeland
    Blue cradle you stand
    Homeland, Homeland, Homeland
    Will I be able to drink your love

    Taught me to honor you father and mother
    Heart filled with love for you
    One day apart with you
    It seems year in painful anticipation

    We communicate with you hearts
    I have a song to express their happiness
    Our friendship no scales to weigh
    Motherland my life with you
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